In my work I’m mainly interested in the emotional en psychological maku-up of humanity. What are the deeper motivations, feelings and emotions behind man ’s behavioral and cognitive patterns? What happens in the proces of increasing awareness and growth? Also besides the human mind, I’m fascinated by the anatomy of the human body. The issue of the way body and soul relate to each other is a focal point in my work.

Natural processes, structures and forms fascinate and astonish me. I find it fascinating how many of those structures repeat itself in the natural world. A special beauty can be found in cycles of growth , blossoming and decay.

I see layering in nature. The way those layers connect to each other while moving catches my interest. I understand inner processes such as feelings and emotions are as a layered whole constantly being in action, exchanging with the outer world.

In my work I’m seeking ways to show this relationship between the internal and the external life.

The proces of creating my work also includes several layers. An image contains mostly several topics Often it’s a visual translation of my personal emotions and growing processes. At the same time I am concerned with the ‘great issues’ like body and soul, life and death, transientness, naturalness and spirituality.

My work develops out of the desire to experience life as one total system and at the same time to grasp the essence of the very moment.